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Limited Bookings Available for 2015/16 Wedding Season


We are a Melbourne based Cinematography Studio specializing in documentary storytelling with a distinctive cinematic style. Our style of cinematography is just not equipped with best of technologies but is also distinguished for the quality as we understand it’s just not a modern art – it’s the art with which we capture best of the moments of your life and that’s the passion we work for.

When you tie knot with each other, we are busy tying those moments with you….

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With hanging portable cameras and non-linear digital editing, we in this golden age of documentary filmmaking create beautifully crafted and cinematic films to make your unforgettable moments more aesthetic.

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You can ignore or embrace the sound-bites from bride and grooms, but we at Imedia Studios combine all those cherishing moments with best artistic quality to take you back in time, whenever!

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Elegance and kindling are some of the words that describes our short film cinematography. No matter how long or short the wedding event is, you will always find our exquisitely crafted short films eventful and vivacious….


The real act of marriage takes place in the hearts, hence it needs to be preserved in style that is beautiful in best possible manners. It is a choice you make – not just on wedding day, but over and over again – in times it will reflect in the way you choose to steal the moments with you forever. We at IMEDIA STUDIOS believe that photography and videography are extremely important in telling your story to you with our wedding videography experts in Melbourne and all over the Australia.


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  • “If I have to describe your work in one word, I would just say “wonderful”. You were friendly and professional and the video was so exuberant, we feel like movie stars.”

  • “Thank you iMedia Studios for your humbleness & cooperation throughout the wedding. I remember, how you guys stood by us and were always available at the right place and right time for capturing the right moments. A truly remarkable efforts from you guys, we will cherish it for our life time.”

  • “Many thanks to you and your videographers for a wonderfully portrayed video of my niece’s wedding. Thank you so much for capturing the joyous moments and putting your cinematic effects to look the whole wedding so marvelous.”

  • Loved our video. He listened to what we requested and delivered. Very patient and reasonably priced for the high-standard of work he delivered.

  • Johnny is an absolutely wonderful person to work with. We barely had the budget for videography and I am so glad that we were able to find a way to include it as part of our wedding day because our video turned out so beautiful. If you have any doubts- hire Imedia Studios! fun, professional, and there work is great!

  • Johnny was great to work with - He and his crew blended into the scenery, but still managed to catch all of our special moments. When we requested a small edit, he was quick to respond and delivered in a timely manner. We couldn't be more pleased with the final product and would highly recommend him as a wedding videographer.