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Who we are?

iMedia Studios is a Melbourne based wedding videography Production Company specializing in Blu-ray and full high-definition wedding videos with cinematic effects. With a number of certified professionals in electronic imaging and video production at our Melbourne and Sydney studios. We create a concept which makes your wedding Indelible. iMedia Studios takes pride in immortalizing the most precious moments of your grand day into a living story. Apart from receiving accolades from our clients, iMedia Studios has won several awards for quality video production. Numerous Australian magazines have featured us as one of the best wedding videography company, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney.


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How we are different?

We believe “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”. Videography and Cinematography are two things which we do not take something as a business but these comes from the core of our heart. We take this as a passion and transmute them into a business of wedding ceremonies. We as a wedding video production company suggest our clients a range of packages custom designed to meet their choices. From a brief wedding ceremony to a grand wedding party that continues for several days, iMedia Studios is always there for you to film your most memorable moments that you will re-live forever.

Why choose us?

Having decades of experience has sharpened our techniques to the extent that our  wedding videos look nothing less than a cinematic swan who are usually silent, burst into beautiful song with our dying breaths. We put in a lot of energy into capturing your special day on tape. We encourage personalization and therefore it’s you who decides how and where you want to be videographed. Do it the way you want, in order to add an element of fun and infuse lots of creativity into it.
Hire iMedia Studios wedding videographer Sidney to shoot, edit and produce your wedding video covering the minutest details of your special occasion. If you want a wedding video that can be enjoyed for many years to come, hire an affordable wedding videographer Melbourne.


Tarik & Fahima Wedding Highlight

A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.

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    Kutayba & Rima Wedding Highlight

    Every love story is beautiful, but this our favourite!

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      Samer & Rayanne wedding highlight

      Let your big day be as beautiful as you, your new beginning be as cheerful as you have always been.

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        Emel & Gokhan Wedding Highlight

        May your mutual trust grow with every passing moment. We look forward to seeing you grow old together.

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          M & E Wedding Highlight

          Happy marriages begin when you marry the one you love, and they blossom when you love the one you married.

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